Press Release
Jan 31, 2005 For Immediate Release

Susan Zimet Ulster County Legislator 845-255-2117
Michael Kaplowitz Westchester County Legislator 914-995-2848

Presentation To Close Indian Point

On Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at 6pm in the Ulster County Legislative chambers, Kingston, N.Y., there will a presentation to the Ulster County Legislature on a request from Westchester County to join them in asking for the closure of Indian Point.

Legislators Susan Zimet of Ulster County and guest Michael Kaplowitz, Westchester County Legislator will be the speakers. Legislator Kaplowitz, the leading lawmaker in the fight to close Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants, has previously been tapped for his expertise on this controversial issue by several other law-making bodies, including the New York City Council and the U.S. Congress.

A 15-minute film will be shown followed by a presentation by Legislator Kaplowitz on the dangers presented by allowing Indian Point to stay operational.

To date, 52 Municipalities in 3 States have passed shutdown resolutions. And for a third year in a row, Westchester County Executive Spano, Rockland County Executive Vanderhoef and Orange County Executive Diana have refused to submit their Annual Certification Letters for Indian Point’s emergency evacuation plans.

“Ulster County unanimously supported a resolution asking the U.S. DOT to properly label the transporting of depleted uranium as radioactive. This was done to protect our first responders so they could properly protect themselves from the hazards of this radioactive material in case of an accident. The damage to our first responders as well as the general public would be catastrophic if an accident was to happen at Indian Point. I hope that the Ulster County Legislature will be as forward thinking about Indian Point as they were with the issue of depleted uranium. ” Said Zimet, the author of D.U. transportation resolution.

“ I am grateful for Legislator Zimet’s effort to bring this important issue to the forefront of the Ulster County Legislature’s agenda.” Said Westchester County Legislator Michael B. Kaplowitz, the featured speaker on the topic. “ With the help of our neighbor to the north and others, we will send a strong message to Entergy not to plan for a long, drawn-out re-licensing undertaking.”