“BUCHANAN, Westchester County — The permanent work force at the Indian Point nuclear power plants here, has declined from 1,500 to 1,300 since Entergy bought the plants in 2000 and 2001.

No workers were laid-off, but incentives were provided for early retirement and buy-outs over the last couple of years, Entergy spokesman James Steets said.

The Indian Point 3 reactor was owned by the New York Power Authority when Entergy bought it in November 2000.

Indian Point 1, which is inactive, and Indian Point 2 had been owned by Consolidated Edison when Entergy bought the plants in September 2001.

Consolidation of administrative and management staff between the reactors accounted for the downsizing, Steets said.

”We’re about where we want to be. Over several years as we get better, things may come down a little more but we don’t have a concrete target. You always look for efficiencies in how you own and operate a plant,” he said

Roughly one-third of the Indian Point work force lives in Dutchess County, and more Indian Point workers live in the Town of Wappinger than any other town, Steets said.”

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