“While Westchester County residents await the consultant’s report on whether the Indian Point nuclear reactors can be closed and replaced with a plant fueled by an alternative energy source, Entergy has already begun its public relations campaign to discredit the report.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a telephone survey during which the pollster pushed a pro-Entergy agenda in the guise of seeking my opinion.  The pollster stated as fact that Indian Point was safe and secure without revealing that this position is not only controversial, but for many, utterly false.  More reprehensible, the pollster made unsubstantiated statements regarding the County’s plan, claiming that it would harm the health and welfare of Westchester residents.  Such claims being made prior to the completion of the report could only be based upon conjecture and fantasy.  Among the statements presented as fact, the pollster claimed that the County’s plan would cause asthma in our children.

At worst, this is a “push poll” providing participants with misinformation in order to shape their opinions; at best, it is a fishing expedition to see which media ready sound-bites would most likely frighten and dupe the public.  In either case, it is a disinformation campaign being waged against the residents of Westchester for the benefit of Entergy.  If you, or anyone you know, has participated in this unethical poll, please contact the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and lodge a formal complaint against Charlton, the company conducting the survey.  CASRO can be reached atwww.casro.org or 631-928-6954.”