Riverkeeper, the organization that is opposed to the continued operation of the Indian Point nuclear power plants, yesterday praised the Ulster County Legislature’s vote last week opposing the renewal of the plants’ license.

Riverkeeper Executive Director Alex Matthiessen told MidHudsonNews.com he expects more communities to sign onto the opposition. “I predict that when the re-licensing process begins in earnest in the next year or two, there will be almost unanimous opposition by the public and the region’s elected officials,” he said. Matthiessen urged other municipalities to join the 11 counties and towns that have signed onto the opposition movement.

Ulster Legislature Chairman Richard Gerentine was neither opposed to nor supportive of the move. He wanted to hear from Indian Point before a decision was made.

He said it was “very unfair” for those who had the support to vote against Indian Point to do so without hearing from a company official.

IP’s spokesman, James Steets, had expressed interest in speaking to Ulster lawmakers and said despite the vote, he would still like to educate them about the facility.

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