To the Editor:

Re ” ‘No Nukes,’ No More,” by John Tierney (column, May 17):

The only sector that reaps economic benefits from nuclear power is the
nuclear industry. Entergy, the owner-operator of the Indian Point nuclear
plant, 24 miles north of New York City, hauls in more than $10 billion in
annual revenue.

Over the last 50 years, some $145 billion in federal research and
development subsidies has gone to the nuclear industry; only $5 billion has
gone to renewable energy sources.

Meanwhile, a substantial portion of the costs of operating a nuclear plant
are imposed on communities. Indian Point kills over a billion Hudson River
fish, eggs and larvae annually; local taxpayers cover most of the emergency
planning costs.

Entergy recently went on record opposing backup power to emergency sirens, yet it seems to have ample funds for advertising campaigns designed to lull the public into a false sense of security. Providing increased safety and
prosperity for American families is patriotic. Providing more welfare checks
to the nuclear industry is not.

Lisa Rainwater van Suntum
Indian Point Campaign Director
Garrison, N.Y., May 17, 2005

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