“Workers at Entergy Nuclear Northeast are correct, but for the wrong reasons, when they say that backup power for emergency sirens at Indian Point must not be a priority. Sen. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are only proving themselves as unprincipled hypocrites when they claim to be “environmentalists” and subsequently prioritize efforts to create a backup power supply for emergency sirens at one of the biggest threats to the environment, Indian Point.

What Clinton is doing is not “environmental,” but plain and simple, capitalist. Unlike real environmentalists such as the Shundahai activists on occupied western Indian land who are currently calling for an end to all nuclear research, development, testing and production, Hillary Clinton and her supporters are, in fact, calling for specific safety precautions to be taken, which only strengthen the nuclear industry, instead of doing what a true environmentalist should be doing, destroying the nuclear industry. Our priority must not be providing one of the most dangerous industries on the planet with backup power supplies but shutting down that industry by any means necessary.

Jeremy Syrop, Chappaqua

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