Letters to the editor

Times Herald-Record

Indian Point concerns

I am not really an environmental activist. I don’t consider myself overly alarmist. Until the end of August, I have mostly ignored the concerns about the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the anxiety surrounding it. Not any more! In addition to the concern and compassion I feel toward those suffering in Louisiana and Mississippi, my eyes have been opened to the dangers of Indian Point for those who live downstream.

FEMA, the agency that has been overwhelmed by the disaster unfolding down South, which could not evacuate the city before Katrina hit, which cannot adequately evacuate the city after it hit, and which is unable to transport food and water to those stranded there, is the exact same agency that assures everyone that the evacuation plan for those living around and south of Indian Point is sound and doable. I understand they are also trying to sell residents the Brooklyn Bridge.

That agency’s performance in New Orleans should serve as a clarion wake-up call for all of us in Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties, as well as New York City residents. It won’t work, folks, regardless of FEMA’s assurances.

Jim Bridges