News from Congressman Eliot Engel

Representing the Bronx, Westchester, and Rockland Counties

For immediate release: Tuesday, September 20, 2005

 Contact: Joseph O’Brien 718 796-9700; 917 880-0392 (cell)



             Congressman Eliot Engel today (9/20) slammed Entergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission over leaks reported in the spent fuel pool at the Indian Point nuclear facility.

             Rep. Engel said, “Once again Entergy has shown that it is unable to keep a credible safety record at Indian Point. And once again the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has shown its willingness to side with Entergy rather than the people who live near this plant. The NRC notified officials of the leak with a bland, unlabeled press release that was spare on details.”

             The Congressman, noted that only last week a test of Indian Point sirens had even Entergy admitting that they were inadequate and had to be quickly replaced.

             Rep. Engel said, “Indian Point is a threat to the metropolitan area, that is why I called for it to be shut down, the first member of Congress to do so. The spent fuel pool is the most vulnerable part of the plant using hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to cool radioactive fuel rods. The leaks are small now but no one as yet knows how old the leakage is or even precisely where.

             “The pools have stainless steel liners and are surrounded by concrete walls several feet thick. It is totally unacceptable that there are leaks in them. The NRC and Entergy must find the source of the leak or leaks and fix them as soon as soon as possible. The people’s safety is paramount.”