The Nuclear Regulatory Commission must show more urgency in its investigation of a radioactive leak from one of the spent fuel pools at Indian Point, Congresswoman Sue Kelly wrote yesterday in a letter to Nils Diaz, the director of the agency.

“Many of us in the communities surrounding Indian Point have serious reservations about the NRC’s response to this leak,” Kelly wrote. “From the outset, the Commission has failed to provide the prompt and definitive answers that local officials expect it to provide … the NRC is not deeming this investigation as the urgent priority that the rest of us living around Indian Point recognize it to be.”

Kelly and other Hudson Valley area members of Congress have been expressing their disapproval of the NRC’s handling of the safety issue and its “lax communications” with local officials.

Kelly said the problems began from the outset when the NRC waited until Sept. 20 to announce it was investigating a leak at Indian Point after discovering it back on Sept. 2. “This lax response indicates a serious disconnect between the NRC and those in the surrounding communities, and it raises questions about the effectiveness of the NRC’s response to this leak,” Kelly wrote to Diaz.

Kelly urged Diaz to directly brief members of New York’s Congressional delegation that represent the areas around Indian Point, asking him to “provide us a more definitive timeline of your investigation.”

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