“The Journal News

Who would have thought that the World Trade Center could have been destroyed so easily? Indian Point can be worse. Elementary vulnerabilities are arrogantly pooh-poohed by Indian Point management. Assurances that the plants are safe are empty. They would shut down the Indian Point immediately if the Price Anderson Act were abolished. This is a federal law that limits their liability to a microscopic fraction of the harm they can cause. Price Anderson destroys your property rights to protect their property rights.

Their refusal to take full responsibility for the risk they cheerfully impose on you is equaled by their satisfaction with ridiculously inadequate evacuation plans. Their rule that a 10-mile evacuation zone is good enough is stupid. One “health” physicist (at a debate) insisted that the poisons are diluted to a safe level after 10 miles. Hogwash. Each microscopic deadly particle is not diluted; it is carried by wind to harm living beings.

Highly qualified conscionable scientists have been persecuted for exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the nuclear cult. We have been confronted by a criminal fraud on a massive scale. Our government will not tell you that nukes are unsafe because they are a product of the nuclear weapons bureaucracy. Hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies have been guzzled at the expense of cleaner, safer, less costly energy alternatives. The Indian Point nukes have a long history of negligence and dishonesty. They endanger you, the entire metropolitan area and hundreds of miles beyond.

Sidney J Goodman , Mahwah, NJ”