English version of a letter sent to El Aguila, Westchester’s
bilingual Spanish/English newspaper.

To the Editor:

Re: The Entergy advertisement for Indian Point nuclear power plant which appeared in El Aguila News. 

Entergy Corp, the owner/operator of Indian Point nuclear power plant knows not only how to generate a polluting, dangerous source of electricity, but, also, how to distort and omit critical facts.

Entergy falsely states Indian Point is a source of zero greenhouse
emissions. Entergy would have us believe nuclear power is as clean as wind, hydroelectric, or solar power. If this were the case, then Entergy should be able to obtain uranium from mines, process it, transport its radioactive wastes, and pump water into its reactors without using coal, oil, or gas. Of course, it cannot, and these processes create considerable greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, even more harmful effects are created by Indian Point. It blasts hot water into the Hudson disrupting the ecology, sucks massive quantities of water into their cooling system killing billions of fish each year,  emits radiation into the air and water regularly, and generates toxic radioactive waste, which has remained on site and is likely to present a danger to New Yorkers for thousands of years. This toxic legacy we are leaving to future generations threatens all forms of life on Earth and needs to be changed.

This last point bears frequent repeating. Entergy executives have neither
the space, nor a plan to store the radioactive waste generated at Indian
Point. How long will this radioactive waste remain hot and deadly in our
backyard time of Jesus, it would still be fatally toxic today and for years to come. Yet, Entergy executives do not consider halting production. This presents 20 million people who live within 50 miles of Indian Point with a disaster lurking at their doorstep.

The Entergy ad also misleads the public about the risk posed by Indian
Point. Indian Point is a known target for terrorist attacks, has gaps in its
defense capability, and has an unworkable evacuation plan.  Finally, Indian Point represents power from a past era which does not fit into a vision for a safer, cleaner renewable energy future as New York State is committed to generating 25% of its electricity demands by 2013 with non-nuclear, renewable sources. Entergy¹s shameful distortion of the facts is self-promoting and abuses the public¹s right to accurate information where its very health and well-being is at stake.


Dan Doniger“