“Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff agreed yesterday to help
organize a summit on Indian Point’s emergency evacuation plans.

Chertoff said he would talk to his staff about setting up a team to review
evacuation plans around the nuclear plants, in conjunction with the
appropriate agencies, local officials and others.

“We should look at the plan,” Chertoff said. “I agree we have to be
realistic about whether the plans work or not. We shouldn’t kid ourselves
about it.”

His comments came during questioning by Rep. Sue Kelly, R-Katonah, at a House Transportation Committee meeting on national emergency preparedness issues in Washington.

Kelly, a frequent critic of plans to evacuate a 10-mile radius to the
Buchanan plants, wants talks for local, state and federal officials.

“There are a lot of serious questions about the emergency preparedness plans for Indian Point right now, and a lot of those questions fall squarely on
your lap,” Kelly told Chertoff. “My constituents are understandably
apprehensive about FEMA’s ability to lead on this issue.”

Citing Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties’ refusal to certify the
plans, Kelly asked Chertoff why FEMA continues to approve them.

Chertoff agreed with the concept of reviewing emergency preparedness around Indian Point.”

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