U.S. Rep. Sue Kelly called on Homeland Security officials yesterday to host a summit with federal, state and local leaders to reassess emergency preparedness plans for the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

At a House Transportation Committee hearing in Washington, the Katonah Republican said evacuation plans for the areas surrounding Indian Point are inadequate, and need to be reevaluated.

“There are a lot of serious questions about the emergency preparedness plans for Indian Point right now, and a lot of those questions fall squarely on your lap,” the congresswoman told Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff.

Chertoff replied: “We should look at the plan. We have to be realistic.”

But Jim Steets, a spokesman for Indian Point owner Entergy Nuclear Northeast, disagreed. He said plans are updated every year, more if necessary.

“There’s always value in obtaining lessons from other events, but some of the comparisons they are using out there are just not appropriate. ”

In addition to requests for a summit, Kelly’s calling on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct an independent safety review of the nuclear facility.”