“The largest threat to the people of metropolitan New York, in my opinion, is
the Indian Point nuclear-fired electric power plant in Buchanan. Indian
Point’s reactors can be replaced by a gas-fired plant without loss of jobs
and taxes. This can be done on an emergency basis, and the money is in place
to do it. Westchester County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz explains the details
very well, should you want to learn more.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has expressed concern about security in connection with
the Dubai port deal, but to my knowledge she has provided no leadership in
getting Indian Point converted to gas. She is not alone among our local
politicians in being absent on this issue, but she seems to have a special
advantage in trying to get the plant converted.

Alexis Herman, labor secretary in the Clinton administration, sits on the
board of directors of Entergy, owner of Indian Point. Sen. Clinton could
provide a useful public service in persuading Ms. Herman to push Entergy to
convert Indian Point to gas. This would be a real step toward strengthening
health, and hope for a future, for us all. I look forward to reading an
article saying that Sen. Clinton has talked to Ms. Herman about conversion.

Nick Mottern, Hastings-on-Hudson”