Buchanan – Low-levels of radioactive water have been found below the Indian Point nuclear power plant near the Hudson River, providing the “strongest indication yet” that contamination is reaching the waterway, plant officials said yesterday.

Indian Point owners announced in September that a spent fuel storage pool was leaking water laced with tritium, a nuclear power byproduct considered a carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Since September, contamination had only been found close to the pool. But a recently dug well 150 feet from the river confirmed levels above the federal drinking water standard.

Jim Steets, an Entergy Nuclear Northeast spokesman, said state health officials are also investigating the recent discovery of strontium-90, another nuclear byproduct, near the pool.

Despite the developments, however, Steets said there is no threat to public health. More study is needed before a cleanup can begin.

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