“Saying Westchester residents deserve answers about the extent of the risk posed by radioactive water leaking from Indian Point, County Executive Andrew Spano today called a meeting of high-level health and environmental experts to get the facts on the latest Indian Point scare.

Spano said that he has asked for a meeting on Monday with representatives of the state’s Health Department and the Department of Environmental Conservation, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Entergy, the plant’s operators, to find out what danger if any the leaks pose and what can be done to prevent more damage. Also, present will be representatives of the county’s own health and emergency services departments.

“There are dozens of questions that come to mind immediately, and I am particularly concerned about the finding of Strontium 90,” said Spano. “Does this pose a health risk? What does this mean to our drinking water, our environment and to the Hudson River? What is the extent of the contamination, and how do we stop it? There are too many questions and too few answers. And if these agencies were aware that Strontium 90 was found back in December, why weren’t we told then and what have they been doing about it since then? It just goes to a question of credibility, and is one more very good reason why Indian Point should be closed.”

The questions about radioactive water arose Monday after Indian Point officials announced that they had detected levels of a radioactive by-product from the plant called Tritium in test wells just 150 feet from the Hudson River. Questions have also arisen about the presence of a more powerful radioactive isotope called Strontium 90.

Spano said he is particularly interested to hear from Entergy’s hydrologists about the test wells and what that can tell us about the path of the radioactive water.

“More must be done to determine where the radioactive water is coming from and the fuel pools must be checked further for leaks. I want all the test wells tested for Strontium 90 and Tritium,” said Spano. “We need to hold Entergy, the NRC and all the agencies monitoring our health and safety, accountable. We need answers and action.””

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