(Tarrytown, NY) Today, Senator Hillary Clinton announced that she received a
commitment from Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Nils Diaz that he
will order an independent safety review of the Indian Point nuclear power
plant.  The verbal commitment was made at a Senate Environment and Public
Works Committee hearing.  In a press statement, Senator Clinton indicated
that she expects from the Chairman a written confirmation that “will
incorporate the elements included in the legislation introduced by my House
colleagues.” On Tuesday, a bi-partisan New York and Connecticut
Congressional delegation introduced legislation in the House that would
require the NRC to conduct an Independent Safety Assessment of vital safety
systems at Indian Point and require the NRC and FEMA to provide an
explanation detailing the facts they relied upon in approving Indian Point’s
emergency plans since the 2003 Witt Report which criticized nearly every
element of the evacuation plans for the 10-mile radius around Indian Point.

The following are statements by Alex Matthiessen, Hudson Riverkeeper and
President, and Lisa Rainwater van Suntum, Riverkeeper’s Indian Point
Campaign Director:

“Riverkeeper commends Senator Clinton for securing both an Independent
Safety Assessment of Indian Point’s vital systems and a comprehensive review
of its evacuation plans,” said Alex Matthiessen, President of Riverkeeper.
“With numerous safety problems at Indian Point and a gravely flawed
evacuation plan, New Yorkers deserve nothing less.  This week we have seen
our Congressional leaders – from both houses and from both sides of the
aisle – work together in order to put the health and safety of millions of
residents above all else.”

“Today’s announcement by Senator Clinton is a win-win situation for all
stakeholders,” continued Lisa Rainwater van Suntum, Indian Point Campaign
Director.  “Indian Point continues to be fraught with safety and emergency
planning problems: a leaking spent fuel pool, failing emergency sirens, and
unplanned shutdowns, to mention but a few.  As long as Indian Point
continues to operate in this densely-populated region, the NRC and Entergy
should know the degree and severity of the problems in order that
appropriate measures can be taken before an accident occurs.”


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