In Monday’s article, “Nation taking harder look at nuclear leaks,” Mr. Clary and Mr. Golding leave out some of the striking revelations regarding the leaking at Indian Point which became public at the NRC meeting on March 28. The NRC made it clear that there is not one leak, but at least two and possibly more leaks. In addition, the leaking has been so extensive that there is a collection of underground radioactive water of at least a few hundred feet by a few hundred feet. How deep is it? Neither the NRC nor Entergy admit to having any idea. But, if this is only 1 inch deep, that means there is over 27,000 gallons of radioactive water in that one area, and if the radioactive water is a foot deep, that means there are over 300,000 gallons. And so, what we now have at Indian Point is an undetermined number of leaks coming from undetermined locations in undetermined amounts going to undetermined other locations. How can Entergy continue to provide false assurances with so little information?

Once Indian Point is closed, we will all be able to rest assured that our health and safety and that of our children is no longer at risk from this degrading nuclear plant.

Mark Jacobs