“NEW YORK, NY April 18, 2006 -Environmentalists are threatening to sue to get the EPA to investigate and clean up radioactive leaks at the Indian Point
nuclear power plant. The group Riverkeeper says that Indian Point owner
Entergy Nuclear Northeast, did not notify the EPA of leaks discovered in
groundwater detected in august at the plant on the Hudson River.

REPORTER: Director of Riverkeeper’s Indian Point Campaign, Lisa Rainwater,
says her organization has serious concerns.

RAINWATER: The fact of the matter is there is so little information known at
this point regarding where the leak is coming from, how much has leaked, how
to fix the leak, that it’s disingenuous, at best, to be telling the public we should not be concerned.

REPORTER: Entergy spokesman Jim Steets said the company “made the
appropriate and required notifications to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which has
jurisdiction over Indian Point.”

The EPA said it would not comment without seeing the suit but confirms that
the DEC does have jurisdiction in this case. “

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