“The Indian Point nuclear power plant site has one of the worst safety records of any nuclear facility in the United States. For the last several years, Indian Point has been leaking radioactive water. Can owner Entergy Nuclear Northeast really tell us how much material is leaking, how long it has been going on, where the radioactive material is going or even how many leaks there are?

Sen. Hillary Clinton asked both Entergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an independent safety assessment of Indian Point. This is the same type of independent safety assessment that was run on another nuclear plant — Maine Yankee — that was subsequently shut down. Both Entergy and the NRC said no to the request for an independent safety assessment at Indian Point. It’s clear why: Profits over safety. Sen. Clinton, Rep. Sue Kelly, R-Katonah, and others have introduced bills in Congress that would mandate Indian Point undergo an independent safety assessment. We, who live in the danger zone, deserve no less.

Glenn Rickles, Croton-on-Hudson

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