Buchanan – Entergy Nuclear Northeast will be participating in an NRC-evaluated security exercise this week at its Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan, N.Y.

“The exercise, which the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will evaluate, provides us the opportunity to demonstrate for the regulator our security and defense capabilities and look for areas to improve,” said IPEC site vice president Fred Dacimo.

Force-on-force exercises involve attempts to gain access to plants in a simulated terrorist attack, and the response of defending security forces.

During the drills and exercise, persons near the site may hear the sound of simulated gunfire or other loud noises as participants carry out scenarios that are intended to be as realistic as possible.

“We are informing the public now about these events so there is no undue alarm caused by what they may hear around the site,” Dacimo said. Local officials and law enforcement agencies have been informed of the events. The exercises are expected to take place in the evening as well as during daylight hours.

In 2003, after volunteering, Entergy was among the first nuclear-power sites in the country to participate in a “force-on-force” exercise that the NRC was conducting as a pilot project. The NRC was developing at that time an ongoing security program to evaluate security enhancements that were added after 9/11 to protect against an expanded terrorist threat.

Following the 2003 exercise, former commission chairman Nils Diaz said that Indian Point has a “strong defensive strategy and capability,” and that the security force had “successfully protected the plant from repeated mock-adversary attacks.”

Entergy has engaged the services of Giuliani Partners, formed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as consultants on security and emergency planning. The Giuliani team is assisting Entergy in preparing for the exercise.

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