“WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Indian Point nuclear power station in Westchester
County was operating normally Tuesday morning, a day after low cooling water
levels led to a declaration of an “unusual event” _ the lowest category of

Officials at the Buchanan, N.Y. facility blamed the low water level on a
combination of cold weather, low tides on the Hudson River and debris
clogging screens used to filter the water the plant draws in from the river.

Entergy Nuclear Northeast spokesman Jim Steets said Tuesday morning that the
screens had been “backwashed” and water levels were no longer at a worrisome
level, though he said he did not know precisely what the water level was.

“The situation is normal as can be. Water levels are being maintained,” said
Steets, adding that the plant has seen two more low tides, once Monday
evening and another early Tuesday morning, without repeating the
four-and-a-half foot water drop experienced early Monday morning.

“We never really got even close to those lower levels,” said Steets. Divers
were expected to inspect the screens later in the day, he said.”

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