“To the Editor:

“Indian Point: Hazard on the Hudson” [Editorial, April 16] nailed it. Whatever one thinks of nuclear-power generation, there is no informed risk analysis that can justify keeping Indian Point on the respirator.

Continuing the operation of an aging, degrading, corroding and radiation-leaking nuclear plant that is sited a mere 24 miles from New York City for another decade is bad enough. Allowing its relicensing for an additional two decades is sheer insanity.

The Indian Point reactors were intended to last 40 years. They are now about 30 years old. Just this past month, the plant has had an explosion and fire, steam-generator problems, siren failures and leaks of radiation into the Hudson River. In February, Indian Point declared an emergency when the intake structure for the critical cooling system became clogged.

This is an old machine that has given us many warnings that it is breaking down. And for those who need to be reminded, on 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11, piloted by Mohammed Atta, soared by Indian Point approximately six minutes before it smashed into the north tower. The 9/11 Commission’s investigation later determined that Mohammed Atta had given consideration to changing his target to Indian Point, when he was conducting his surveillance flights over the Hudson.

Michel Lee
Scarsdale, N.Y.”

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