The drilling for Monitoring Well 67, located on the riverfront near IP2, has been completed. The 350-foot well is being prepared for sampling (geophysics, flushing etc,)

The drain down of the IP2 transfer canal began this week. A series of non-destructive tests is planned for the canal over the next 10 weeks. The weld areas and support plates will be analyzed using ultrasonic testing, an analysis of potential bleed back from behind the stainless steel liner will be conducted and samples taken for the presence of microbiological induced corrosion
Hudson River fish samples have been obtained and are being prepared for split sample analysis by Entergy, DEC and NRC. New York State will analyze fish bones as well as the flesh for Sr-90.

The long term monitoring plan for the site is being developed.

The final hydrological report from GZA is expected in October.