“Since the recent earthquake in Japan, every day brings new reports about the damage to the Kashiwasaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, including spillage and leaks of hundreds of gallons of radioactively contaminated water.

Predictably, the plant’s owner says, “Don’t worry, the plant is safe.”

I can’t help but think of Entergy’s similarly comforting statements. Entergy says don’t worry that the Indian Point plant site is built on a seismic fault line. Don’t worry that we have not been able to get the new evacuation sirens to work. Don’t worry that Indian Point has been leaking irradiated water for years, and we still are not sure of where it is all coming from and flowing to, or how much water and irradiation is escaping. Don’t worry that Indian Point was given consideration as a 9/11 target.

With Indian Point’s application to renew its operating license for 20 more years, now is the time for all of us living in the plant’s environs to raise our voices and come down on the side of our health and our safety.

Glenn Rickles