“To the Editor:

Re “Warning System or Cause for Alarm?,” by Kate Stone Lombardi (column, Aug. 12):

Indian Point’s new siren system is not the real issue. Entergy has not been forthcoming about problems at its nuclear plant, including leaks, cracks and workers’ safety concerns, so why would it be about the need for evacuation (or sheltering, because the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people can’t possibly work)?

Entergy initially rebuffed residents and officials calling for a new siren system. Entergy, in partnership with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has rebuffed almost everything the public has requested to preserve our health and safety.

The bigger question is: do we really want any of our electricity provided by a source that requires 155 sirens to alert us to cancer-causing emissions from the plant? Taxpayers have been subsidizing nuclear energy since its beginning. If our taxes went instead to subsidies of solar, wind and hydropower, we wouldn’t need sirens.

Judy Allen
Putnam Valley, N.Y.”

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