“BUCHANAN – Indian Point 2 is again leaking radioactive water and company officials may have to shut down the nuclear reactor to repair a broken pipe.

The 8-inch pipe is leaking tritium and water about 8 feet below the ground. Workers at the plant have been excavating since water showed up early Monday morning, federal regulators and plant officials told the Journal News.

The leak comes from a pipe that runs from a tank holding condensation collected from steam generators used to turn the turbines that make electricity.

Since that is part of the non-nuclear side of the plant, concentrations of tritium are about a tenth of the amount allowed by federal guidelines for drinking water.

Company officials say they’re hopeful of isolating the pipe and making the repairs in the next three days, without having to take the 1000-megawatt unit offline.

The tritiated water is going into the Indian Point’s discharge canal, which drains into the Hudson River under federal permit.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials said there is no risk to area drinking water.”

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