Entergy Rebuked by New York State Attorney General in Enexus Case: Decision Pending

By Press Release on February 11, 2010

For Immediate Release:

Paul Burns, VPIRG 802-793-1985

The Office of New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo blasted Entergy officials yesterday for more corporate shenanigans from a company already mired in controversy here in Vermont.  According to the NYS OAG’s letter, Entergy waited until just hours before a decision is expected from state regulators in New York to file major new documents in the case concerning their plans to spin-off a handful of their decaying nuclear plants to a shell corporation called Enexus.

The OAG decried the legal maneuver, saying that it would “thoroughly frustrated public review, comment and participation.”  The Attorney General also noted that Entergy’s submission “contained several inaccurate responses” including one that claimed that no solid or hazardous waste has ever been disposed of on site at the company’s Indian Point reactor.

The OAG went on to explain that “How an indebted Enexus, which according to recent news reports would also face subsurface pollution issues at its Vermont Yankee facility, will decontaminate and restore the Indian Point facilities is one of the important questions in this proceeding.”

“Entergy Louisiana appears to be incapable of conducting itself in an honorable and trustworthy manner no matter where it’s operating,” said Paul Burns, Executive Director of VPIRG.  “Its track record of deception and failure in Vermont is not some sort of fluke; it’s more like an addiction.”

“The company can send all the new out-of-state executives it wants to Vermont and it’s not going to change a thing because the corporation itself is not reliable.  The latest shenanigans in New York just prove that Vermonters will never be able to trust Entergy’s corporate management and therefore we should keep moving toward the timely retirement of Vermont Yankee,” Burns added.