Monday, April 13, at 7:00 p.m.

Brooklyn Friends Meetinghouse

110 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn

Directions: All subways to downtown Brooklyn [map]

Just four years after the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, nuclear power is being promoted as a “clean, green” solution to climate change; the number of nuclear power plants is expected to double globally over the next 20 years.

And the United States has just announced that it will “upgrade” its nuclear arsenal of 7,500 weapons to the tune of $1 trillion. Russia and the other seven nuclear states are following suit. When attention should be focused on halting climate change, building a sustainable world, and ending racial and economic injustice, we appear to be building for war instead.

Brooklyn For Peace/Climate Action and the Brooklyn Friends/Peace and Social Action Committee invite you to a panel discussion of these disturbing trends.


Marilyn Elie: Founding member, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

Joseph Gerson: AFSC; author of Empire and the Bomb: How the U.S. Uses Nuclear Weapons to Dominate the World

Endorsers (list in formation): Bay Ridge Peace Action, Fort Greene Peace, Muslim Community Network, Park Slope United Methodist Church

Brooklyn For Peace:

718-624-5921       climate


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