What the Public Needs to Ask About Fires and Risks at Indian Point

1) The NRC refused to require a reliable Indian Point siren system with backup power until Senator Clinton and Congress mandated backup power for siren systems in reactor communities with more than 15 million people. Will it also take an act of Congress to get the NRC to require aging transformer management at Indian Point?
2) Why has NRC refused to require retrofit of defective fire protection? Since it took 15 years and Congressional Hearings to force the NRC to test the HemyC fire insulation used at Indian Point, will it also take an act of Congress for the NRC to replace defective fire insulation at Indian Point?
3) Since Entergy can’t seem to properly run the non-nuclear parts of Indian Point or even know why the transformers keep exploding, how can it be trusted to run two large, aging nuclear reactors in a reactor community of 20 million Americans?
4) What caused the tritium steam leak on May 8, 2015? Is it related to the fire on May 9? Historically it seems transformer fires have occurred in close relation to other failures at the reactors which caused Hot Shutdowns. Please explain the relation?
5) Why has NRC refused to consider Transformers in relicensing proceedings?
6) How many HOT Shutdowns has Indian Point had since operations began? In the past 10 years? Since 9/11?
7) Is the NRC aware that HOT Shutdowns result in the significantly higher releases of radiation to the public?
8) How many fires has Indian Point had from 1985 to 2008? How many fires had Indian Point had from 2008 to today?
9) How long will the NRC continue to ignore fire-safety violations at Indian Point

10) What kind of oil and much leaked from the transformer fire into the Hudson River?
11) A week after the Transformer fire and oil spill into the Hudson the shores of Rockland County are still contaminated with oil. How and when will Entergy conduct a complete cleanup of the Hudson River? Why was there an unnoticed breach in the oil barrier?
12) To date Entergy has not complied with the Consent Order for the last transformer fire which spilled PCB’s into the Hudson River and bedrock. Why should we trust that Entergy will comply with subsequent orders?
13) Given Entergy’s failure to clean up the mess it made with the last transformer fire spill, what assurances will Entergy be giving to NYS that it will fully clean up the new spill into the Hudson?
14) Why is Entergy wasting time and money fighting compliance with the Clean Water Act and fighting installation of required closed-cycle cooling which was required prior to Entergy taking ownership of the reactor.

15) How much High-Burn-Up fuel is being stored at Indian Point? When and under what authority did Indian Point start producing Burn-Up fuel?
16) Indian Point spent fuel pools exceed design basis capacity by at least 57X, how does Entergy plan to address this problem?
17) Why does the NRC allow IP to continue to operate in the absence of a long-term solution for irradiated-waste storage?
18) Exactly how many metric tons of nuclear waste are currently stored in pools of IP 2 and IP3? What percentage of each pool is high-burn-up fuel?19) Why did NRC approve use of high-burn-up fuel without adequate research on safe storage?
20) The largest amount of radiation is in the spent fuel storage. What seismic standards are used to ensure the integrity of the pools?

21) How can the NRC allow Indian Point to remain operational during periods when the evacuation plan cannot be employed due to storm related transportation suspensions; as seen during the Blizzard of 2015 and Superstorm Sandy?
22) Why does the NRC continue to operate during super storms, when faced with imminent loss of off site power which can result in dangerous SCRAMs?
23) Why has Entergy refused to allow KI to be included in Emergency Service Information Brochures for residents to accomplish distribution as required by Congress in 2002?
25) How can NRC justify an evacuation zone of only 10-miles given the exposure distances of
Fukushima and Chernobyl?
26) Wh at percentage of households within the EPZ know what the emergency protocols are?
27) What is the effect of a haphazard response when evacuation becomes real?
28) How many people outside the 10-mile zone does NRC estimate will try to flee (shadow-evacuation)?
29) With $8.5 Trillion in real estate value alone within the 50-mile ingestion zone, who will be financially responsible for an accident at Indian Point? Who will be responsible for compensating all who have lost their homes and jobs? Who will pay for cleanup of any recoverable areas?

30) How does NRC justify re-licensing review which omits real safety issues, such as reality of evacuation, seismology, aging transformer health?
31)How long will IP2 be allowed to be the only plant in US to operate without a licence.

32) A 2012 report on IP’s radiation monitoring system stated that monitoring system was inoperative or non-fuctional for months at a time. Where can the public access current radiation monitoring reports?
33) Why does NRC refuse to support real-time radiation monitoring (since citizen monitoring has found unreported spikes)?
34) How is Entergy monitoring daily radioactive C02 and Methane releases? Why isn’t the information readily available to public?

35) Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory has identified 2 intersecting fault lines adjacent to IP that make the plant susceptible to a 7.0 event. How will IP be reinforced to withstand such an event?

36) Who certified that Entergy corrected the lack of wiring separation identified in 2004 by William Lemanski? Please provide reports.
37) Exactly how many regulatory exemptions, relaxations, revisions, exceptions has IP has received since Entergy bought the plants, and what are they specifically?