Geiger Counter Raffle Results: and the winner is…

Elizabeth Helbraun, from Brooklyn, NY

This year at the Clearwater Festival, IPSEC conducted a Geiger Counter Raffle, with the hope that the lucky winner would join our Indian Point Citizens Radiation Monitoring network. The winner of the raffle was Elizabeth Helbraun, from Brooklyn, NY. We are very pleased that Elizabeth won because another one of our members has reported spikes and higher than normal radiation readings in Brooklyn, but her Geiger counter model is not compatible with the Geigergraph software on our network –so we are very interested to see what kind of readings we will be getting from Elizabeth’s new counter!

The Geiger counter we raffled is a “Radalert-100,” and it is one of the models that is compatible with the “Geigergraph” software that is required to join the Radiation Network –that allows citizens all over the world to measure and broadcast the radiation in their areas — plus also have real time access to the data from the other members of the network

All of the participants in the Indian Point Radiation Monitoring Project are using this model of counter. To learn more about the radiation monitoring that IPSEC is doing, visit: