Saturday, December 12th, 10:30 am

Main Entrance, Indian Point Energy Center

Buchanan, NY 10511

Residents to Engage in Civil Disobedience at Indian Point to Mark License Expiration

Area residents will gather at Indian Point to stretch vinyl “DANGER” tape across the main entrance of the nuclear plant to mark the license expiration of Indian Point 3, and ensure that workers and visitors know that the plant has “passed on.”

Members of IPSEC, supporters from the Stony Point Conference Center and supporters from other environmental and anti-nuclear organizations are also gathering at the nuclear plant to raise awareness that

  • Both Indian Point nuclear reactors have gone past their design basis life spans

  • Indian Point supplies only 500 MW of power to Con Edison (2014 Con Ed Company Report)

  • Indian Point has no contract at all with the New York Power Authority

  • Indian Point provides no power to Metro North, no power to the NYC subway system, no power to JFK, LaGuardia or Westchester airports, no power to the NYC municipal hospital system, no power to the NYC Housing Authority, no power to the NYC school system and no power to traffic lights or street lights of New York.

Demonstrators will gather at the main entrance to the Indian Point Energy Center facility at 10:30 a.m. and the Danger Warning ribbon will be deployed.

On Saturday, December 12, 2015 the license for Entergy’s Indian Point 3 will reach its expiration date and the plant will join its sister, Indian Point 2, in being the only two nuclear reactors in this country operating with expired licenses.  The license of Indian Point 2 expired in September 2013.

NOTE:  Prior to 9/11, Muhammad Atta asked Osama Bin Laden whether they should crash into the Buchanan nuclear plants instead of the World Train Center.  (9/11 Commission Report)

Governor Cuomo and New York State have advocated for closure for years.

  • Each spent fuel pool was designed to hold 264 used fuel assemblies

  • Each spent fuel pool currently holds 1340 or more spent fuel assemblies

(Source: 7-21-14 Letter from Arthur L. Burritt – Chief Projects Branch 2, Division of Reactor Projects)

For more information, contact Gary Shaw, Member of the Leadership Council of IPSEC (Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition) at crotonshaw@aol.com

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