Roads, bridges and trains were closed immediately as the snow fell. Yet, what of Indian Point?

We need to call our elected officials and tell them to order and orderly shut down of Indian Point during EVERY storm WHEN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS SUSPENDED.

Tell them to conduct any orderly shutdown all of NY nuclear power fleet, IMMEDIATELY, before they lose off site power during a storm and have forced Hot-Shut Downs.

A Hot Shut Down is the most dangerous way to power down a nuclear plant and because NY transit service was being shut down because of the blizzard, there has been no way to evacuate the area if something goes wrong.

To operate a nuclear reactor the license requires a workable evacuation plan. When public transportation is suspended, it follows that there is no evacuation plan and therefore the nuclear reactor license is suspended, too.

Our area has a surplus of power and we will not “suffer” if Indian Point is safely powered down before big storms. The only people who will suffer are Entergy stockholders because each of their 2 reactors makes one million dollars per day in profit. 

Leave a message now – for sure there will be more storms coming up, and these officials may or may not be aware of the “hot shutdown” issue.  Make sure they know that you know!

CALL SENATOR GILLIBRAND 202-224-4451, 212-688-6262
CALL SENATOR SCHUMER (212) 486-4430 , (202) 224-6542