Friday, February 19th, Noon-1 pm

Senator Charles Schumer’s New York City Office

780 Third Avenue (between 48th & 49th St), New York, NY 10017

Shut Down Indian Point Now, our New York City sibling organization, is organizing a rally to stop the tritium leaks at Senator Schumer’s office. On February 6th, it was reported that at 3 of 40 wells near Indian Point, the tritium level had risen to 400 times the safe drinking water level. Several days later, increasing by 80%, tritium levels had risen to 12,000,000 pCi/l – 700 times safe drinking water levels. Note – no level of radioactive tritium is safe for drinking. Governor Cuomo called for an investigation, as did Senator Schumer. We will be gathering to thank Senator Schumer for his immediate response calling for an investigation and remediation of this dangerous situation and to urge him to continue his push for an independent investigation and an end to the tritium leaks at Indian Point, as it sits in the center of our water shed, supplying water to millions of people. It may be noted that radioactive water from the spent fuel pool has been leaking into the ground water and the Hudson River for a long time. This is an additional, new, more expansive, dangerous tritium leak.

For more information, contact Catherine Skopic at (212)-227-7847 or click the link below: