Thursday, March 3rd, Noon-1 pm

Northeast corner of City Hall Park

Chambers St. & Center St., New York, NY 10007

Shut Down Indian Point Now, our New York City sibling organization, is organizing a rally at City Hall to ask Mayor DeBlasio: Is Our Water Safe?

February 6, 2016, Indian Point reported a huge inccrease in radioactive tritium ­contaminated water in several wells around reactor # 2, more than 8 million picocuries per liter, a 65,000 % increase over previous levels. Feb. 10th, just 4 days later, the concentration of tritium had increased by 80%. Where is this deadly water going?

Tritium is carcenogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic (linked to birth defects), has been linked to cancer clusters. It is also a marker for other radioctive elements such as Cesium­37, Cobalt­60, Nickel­63 and highly radioactive Strontium­90 that mimics calcium, settles in bone tissue and is a known cause of leukemia and other bone cancers.

Gov. Cuomo called for investigations by the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) dispatched a special investigator. Sen. Schumer also called for an immediate investigation of Indian Point. No results have been reported to date (2/23/16)

Roger Downs of Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter; Manna Jo Greene of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater; Marilyn Elie of Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition; Alfred Meyer, Physicians for Social Responsibiity, among others are calling for an immediate shut down of Indian Point while investigations are going on. Riverkeeper President, Paul Gallay pointed out that since May 2015, Indian Point has suffered 7 major malfunctions & the tritium leaks. Indian Point has demonstrated it can no longer operate safely and must be closed. “These mishaps are happening at an accelerated pace. We shouldn’t be asked to wait for the next one.” We have replacement electricity and don’t need Indian Point. The NY State Replacement Contingency Plan fully provides for NY City’s energy. (NIRS)

For more information, contact Shut Down Indian Point Now at (347)-640-3660 or click the link below: