Local news has covered the brief court procedure for the Indian Point 11. According to FIOS1News:

“A group of protesters pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges after they were arrested for picketing at the entrance of the nuclear power plant in December.

“The group says they are standing up for safety of the community. They believe the Indian Point nuclear plant is operating with expired licenses.

“Jacki Drechsler, one of the “Indian Point 11″ who was charged with disorderly conduct, says he is proud of the message they sent through their demonstration, despite the arrest.”

News 12 Westchester adds:

“Despite the guilty pleas, the group’s attorney says they will continue their fight. The plea will most likely result in a sentence of time served for the 11.

“In response to the incidents protested by the group, Indian Point officials have toldNews 12 that they believe the plant is safe. The response comes as the plant tries to get relicensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission”

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