13339433_1742173519328156_7693665049565632130_nFor anyone who wanted to go to the meeting and couldn’t get there or could not get in, call the Public Service Commission and tell them that you were not able to see/hear the PSC’s presentation and you never got to ask questions or make statements and could not hear other people’s public comments that might have stimulated more issues or comments. Demand another NYC meeting and another one in Westchester near Indian Point. The PSC number is 518-474-7080. Get up stand up. Stand up for your rights.

IPSEC’s own Gary Shaw, noted anti-nuclear activist, spoke at the rally prior to the May 31 hearing in NYC on the Clean Energy Standards. The rally was sponsored by a coalition of environmental groups and filled the 100 seat room to overflowing. Some people never did get in to hear the PSC presentation or give their testimony. We need another hearing in Westchester for those who could not get in and others! The PSC was clearly not prepared to hear the more than 300 people who turned out.

All groups were united in asking for more more emphasis on off shore wind and stating that nuclear has no place in Clean Energy Stsndards. This is the beginning of more cooperation between fossil fuel activists and anti-nuclear folks. Gas, Oil, Coal, Uranium – Leave them all in the ground!