Please enjoy the photos from the Philly March:

Christ Church in Philadelphia.The Philadelphia City Hall building.Handmade sign: "Clean Seas" in blue with blue waves, "Green Trees" in green with a green leaf, "World Peace" with a peace symbol in black and hashtag "#UpToUs".Crowd of protesters outside a large white building. Most prominent is a sign — the American flag is in the background except the stars have been replaced with corporate logos. In the center of the flag is an oval similar to the oval on currency with a photo of Hillary Clinton, crowned, with the words "America Indict The Queen" across her eyes. Hashtag #NEVERHILLARY in the bottom left of the sign.View of some anti-nuclear signs, most prominent is a sign that says "You Can't 'Nuke' Global Warming. Carbon-free — Nuclear Free by 2040. Nuclear Energy Information Service - — 773-342-7650."A variety of no-nuke signs: "Don't Nuke the Climate" with a black handprint on top of a red nuclear symbol. Behind it is another sign "Nuclear Information and Resource Services (NIRS) #NuclearIsDirty".Green cloth with a scope target on it that says "Not One Sacrifice" and the word "Zone" in the center.Old City Coffee gate - fancy ironwork painted white and black with the right-hand gate open.Old City CoffeeA mascot in a polar bear costume at the rally.White homemade sign of a gravestone that says "R.I.P. DEMOCRACY 1776 2016" in black letters.View of the sky and buildings through an archway.

For more details, housing information, meeting information, etc. please see this post.CER-SQ-AVATAR

Coal, Oil, Gas, Uranium:

Leave Them All in the Ground!


Join IPSEC members in Philadelphia as we walk in the Nuclear Free, Carbon Free Contingent and with our anti-fracking allies on the March for a Clean Energy Revolution this Sunday.  Another bus from White Plains has just been added, so there are plenty of seats available.

 For more information about transportation to the march, including buses from New York, click here.

Here’s the New Yorkers Against Fracking Letter:

Dear Friend —

On the eve of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, when the nation’s spotlight will shine on Philadelphia, we will gather in Philadelphia to march for a Clean Energy Revolution.

We are already experiencing the effects of climate change with destructive flooding in West Virginia, devastating wild fires in California, and deadly heat waves in India and Pakistan. Climate change poses an existential threat to humans and all life forms on earth. We need to make sure our elected officials know the fierce urgency to tackle climate change now and not kick the can down the road. 

We need a massive turn-out in Philadelphia to make it loud and clear to those who can implement policies on all levels of our government that we do not want more dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power and we want to transition to 100% renewable energy now. 

By standing and working together, New Yorkers were able to ban fracking and defeat the Port Ambrose LNG port. However, fracking is taking place in the rest of our nation and the world. Moreover, fossil fuel infrastructure and dirty nuclear power plants continue to be built and operate. New Yorkers need to go to the march to show that we can achieve a 100% renewable and sustainable world if we continue to show up, speak out and work together to demand the kind of energy policy that we want.

I am going to the march because I want to be able to look at my grandchildren and know that I am trying to do something to help bring awareness and mitigate the dangers of climate change so that all of our children will have a chance to inherit a livable and sustainable future. 

I hope you’ll join me at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philadelphia on July 24! It would be fun to march together to see old friends and make new friends and to do something to help transform our nation’s energy policy.

Ling Tsou

United for Action

To join IPSEC on a bus to Philly, click here.

For more details, housing information, meeting information, etc. please see this post.