A variety of no-nuke signs: "Don't Nuke the Climate" with a black handprint on top of a red nuclear symbol. Behind it is another sign "Nuclear Information and Resource Services (NIRS) www.nirs.org #NuclearIsDirty".Dear Friends in New York,

Your actions are making a difference! Thousands of New Yorkers submitted comments opposing the $7.6 billion nuclear bailout to the Public Service Commission (PSC) last week — and today, the state capitol’s newspaper came out against it, too.

Please call Gov. Cuomo today! Tell him to pull the plug on the nuclear tax.

We only have a few days left to stop this outrageous bailout: the PSC is still planning to vote on it on Monday, August 1.

But here’s the thing: the PSC proposed the bailout at the Governor’s request–so he is the one who can pull the plug on it. And he is the one who will be responsible for it in the end.

We need to make sure the Governor gets the message: “New Yorkers say NO to the $7.6 billion nuclear tax!”

The verdict is in. Thousands of New Yorkers have filed comments telling the PSC we don’t want to bail out nuclear power again.

And the influential Albany Times-Union agrees, saying “the risk of an accident, and the still-unresolved question of safe disposal of radioactive waste, [make it] hard to see nuclear power plants as being part of an environmentally sound energy future.” But the Times-Union went further, saying we shouldn’t be “fattening nuclear plant profits with money that could be used to fund more alternative energy, and more energy savings programs, and achieve the [clean energy] goals even sooner.”

Please take two minutes and call the Governor today.

He needs to hear it from you that New Yorkers are not going to stand for this. We don’t want to pay for dirty, dangerous nuclear power plants, and charging New Yorkers billions of dollars to bail them out is money stolen from our families, communities, and the clean energy solutions we need.

Thanks for all of your activism!

Tim Judson

Executive Director, NIRS

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