Dear Close Indian Point Supporters, 

Eight billion dollars!

That’s how much Governor Andrew Cuomo wants us to pay to bail out old, unprofitable nuclear power plants!

*He wants New Yorkers like you to pay for that bailout with a surcharge on your electricity bills.*

Sign the petition at the link below, to tell Governor Cuomo you don’t want an expensive tax on your electricity bills to subsidize dirty energy!

New York deserves clean, affordable and renewable energy.

Nuclear energy is not our future – it’s dirty, expensive and dangerous.

You can help support this action by alerting others to this outrageous plan to give billions of taxpayer dollars to failing nukes.

Please read on…

We gave Gov. Cuomo quite the surprise on Monday. As he strolled by during the Columbus Day parade, a few dozen organizers confronted him with signs calling on his administration to #StopTheCuomoTax and end the nuclear bailout. Take a look:


I have some excellent news to share with you: our movement is growing at lightning speed and we already have several thousand people signed up on our petition to Stop the Cuomo Tax and put an end to the nuclear bailout. Turns out people really don’t like it when you raise their electricity rates to bail out rich Chicago companies managing unsafe, inefficient nuclear plants.

At the parade, we handed out leaflets telling New Yorkers what the governor was up to with the nuclear bailout. So many people were shocked to hear it. And that’s exactly why we’re going to win this fight: Governor Cuomo will have to back down and change his plans once we crank up the heat.

Most New Yorkers simply haven’t heard about this disastrous plan from the Cuomo administration. Once we get the word out, we’ll be unstoppable.

We need your help to do just that. Will you volunteer to pass out leaflets to commuters this week? RSVP for a shift:

To RSVP for a shift tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th, click the link below:

To RSVP for a shift Thursday the 20th, click the link below: