Dear Friends –

Happy New Year.  We are closer than ever to seeing the closing of Indian Point.

  • The NYS department of State won a big battle when the NYS Court of Appeals ruled that the state could get access to to Entergy’s relicensing application to see if all the Coastal Management standards are being observed and followed.  Since Entergy fought that in the courts, we can be pretty sure they are violating at least a few Coastal Management standards.  That would prevent relicensing.  Of course we cannot rejoice yet because the Secretary of Commerce might step in and try to override the Coastal Management standards.
  • The demand that Entergy replace its once through cooling system that uses 2.5 BILLION gallons of Hudson River water and kills millions of fish and lower aquatic species that must be replaced by a closed cycle system is still going through the courts, but our side has won at every level so far.
  • Entergy has closed their Vermont Yankee plant.  They have announced that their Pilgrim Nuclear Plant will be closed in 2019 and theybare in the process of selling their upstate FitzPatrick plant to Exelon.
  • Importantly, the lower energy prices, more energy efficiency, constant growth of wind and solar energy resources and higher amounts of maintenance foe aging nuclear plants makes nuclear power plants bad investments. WE ARE WINNING.

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Again, Happy New Year.  There is a lot to fight for and against.  Please stand up and be active.  Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Best regards and thanks for your support,

Gary Shaw