“ALBANY – Indian Point could close in four years, under a plan authorized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the plant’s operator, Entergy.

While many people wanted Indian Point shut down for years because of environmental and safety reasons, County Executive Rob Astorino says that the plant is safe and the impact of it closing will be economically catastrophic for some parts of Westchester.

He says that half of the tax base of the Village of Buchanan comes from the plant, and that Cortlandt gets $1.5 million and Westchester gets about $4.5 million from the plant.

It is not clear how the state would make up for the loss of 2000 megawatts of power.

The plan is to shut down one nuclear reactor three years from this April. The other would be shut down a year later. All operations would end at the Buchanan plant by 2021.

Entergy officials and the governor have not commented, but News 12 has been told that a major announcement is expected as soon as Monday.”

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