***Media Advisory for Tuesday, January 10, 9:30 a.m., Say NO to Cuomo’s Nuclear Tax, 9:30 AM, SUNY Purchase Performing Arts Center, 735 Anderson Hill Road

Media Contacts:

Mark Dunlea, 518 860-3725dunleamark@aol.com
Marilyn Elie, 914 954-6739eliewestcan@gmail.com

Groups to Demonstrate at Cuomo’s State of the State Address at SUNY Purchase reminding him that he is not finished yet. We say NO to  $7.6 billion nuclear subsidy for upstate reactors.

WHO: Members and supporters of the Stop the Cuomo Tax campaign, including opponents of the Indian Point nuclear plants. More than 140 organizations statewide have endorsed the campaign.

WHAT: Ahead of Cuomo’s State of the State address in Westchester and SUNY Purchase, opponents of nuclear power will hold signs greeting attendees and reminding the Governor that he is not finished yet.  Closing Indian Point is a good first step and now it is time to take other failing, unprofitable reactors off the market. It makes no sense for the Governor to increase monthly utility bills and provide a subsidy of $7.6 billion to Exelon to keep old, failing upstate nuclear plants open. Closing all nuclear plants is the safest and most economical strategy for all of New York.  We don’t need any bridge fuels, fossil fuels, or nuclear reactors!

Demonstrators are expected to protest the invitation only public statement by an elected  official at a tax supported institution.  The State of New York concerns all taxpayers and ordinary citizens should not be excluded.

WHERE: OutsideSUNY Purchase Performing Arts Center, 735 Anderson Hill Road

WHEN: Tuesday, January 10, 9:30 AM.