Can you answer these non technical questions about Indian Point?  If you can answer 50% of them you know a lot more than most folks in your community.  That being the case – speak out when have the opportunity.  Better still create your own opportunity.

If you want more answers mark your calendar for Saturday, March 11, 1:30, Peekskill Prysbyterian Church, 705 Park Place. It’s a potluck too.

Greet the Peace Walkers at the end of their Pipeline Journey, remember the victims of Fukushima, get updates on important topics like Standing Rock, AND hear Dr. Gordon Edwards on decommissioning and Rolling Stewardship.

Early History:

How did Indian Point get its name?  What was this site before it was a nuclear power plant?  Why was this site selected? Did people in the community welcome it? What about people outside the community of Buchanan?  What are the advantages of having a reactor in your back yard? How many reactors are on site?

        Over the Years:

Why have environmentalists been opposed to the plant since the beginning?  Have the reactors been well run?  Who oversees the plant?  Who is responsible for safety?  What about an evacuation plan? What benefit does Indian Point bring to the wider community? What dangers does it pose to people and the environment? How many people would be endangered?

  VAfter September 11:

One of the planes that hit the world Trade Center flew down the Hudson and over Indian Point.  What was the reaction of people after that?  How did the public keep informed?  Was there a turning point?  Did the politics shift?  Who was involved and what did they do?  Relicensing, Courts and Hearings

Why did Indian Point have to be relicensed?  Who is responsible and what is the process?  What issues are there? Why were an increasing number of people worried about the plant?  What would happen in the event of a catastrophic accident at Indian Point?

     Surprise Closing         Agreement:

Who actually closed Indian Point? Why did they decide to close it? When is it actually closing? How are people in Buchanan taking the news?  Will there be economic help for them?  What about the workers? 

Is your community affected by the closing?  Where will our electricity come from? Don’t we need to replace all of the megawatts Indian Point produced?  What about the demand for electricity, isn’t it going up and up?  Who is responsible for keeping our lights on?  How do they do it?  “

   What Happens Next:

How do you close down a nuclear power plant? Who is in charge of decommissioning? How long will it take? There is a lot of high level radioactive waste stored at Indian Point.  What happens to it?  Where does it all go?  What is the safest thing to do with it?  What should people look for or be aware of in regard to decommission down the road?  Where can people find more information?