Stop the Cuomo Tax

In less than four weeks, Gov. Cuomo aims to pull off a deal to bail out dangerous, outdated, inefficient nuclear power plants with $7.6 billion of our money. Despite the renewable-energy alternatives that would cost less, cut more CO2 and create more good-paying jobs, Gov. Cuomo insists on sending billions to America’s largest nuclear producer, Exelon.

The hard truth is: if we don’t act by April 1, our state’s electric bills will go up by billions of dollars. Fortunately, a new bill — A05985/S04800 — would halt the nuclear subsidy in its tracks and give us the chance to find a better solution.

WE MUST TAKE ACTION. Tell your legislator to co-sponsor A05985/S04800 and get it in the budget before April 1. This is our best shot at stopping Gov. Cuomo’s awful $7.6 billion electric rate hike.


Over 800,000 New Yorkers are already behind on their electric bills and many more are struggling to pay. But if we all of stand together, we can block the Cuomo Tax that would take money from our pockets – families, businesses, hospitals, schools, local government – to fatten the profits of a wealthy Chicago-based nuclear corporation.

Tens of thousands have already joined the fight against the Cuomo Tax. We all agree it’s time for the governor to ditch his $7.6 billion ratepayer tax and nuclear bailout scheme and come up with a better plan that seriously considers safer, cleaner, more affordable alternatives. This time without the backroom dealings and hidden details.

Right now is our best shot: can you tell your representative to co-sponsor A05985/S04800 and block the nuclear bailout in the state’s budget? If we don’t stop Gov. Cuomo’s awful bailout, then all New Yorkers will pay the price.

We must make our voices heard. Take action today and let’s put an end to Gov. Cuomo’s disastrous nuclear bailout.

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