IPSEC organizer Marilyn Elie recently (Saturday, November 18th) attended a Yorktown vigil protesting fracked gas, at which Willow Park residents asked Gov. Cuomo to stand behind his words and #WalkTheTalk: to follow up on his campaign antifracking rhetoric. Here is her report:
“Betty Jasper, Dominican Sister, led the group in a prayerful vigil filled with choral readings, song, and poems all of which focused on the need to work to save the planet from warming.
“Food and Water Watch was well represented and their new director was there. Our friend and Unity member Susan Vandolsen was there with other members of the AIM group.
“It was good to be there as an IPSEC member and stand in solidarity with the other groups. We all agree—fossil fuels and uranium must stay in the ground. No bridge fuels, no pipelines.”
Governor Cuomo’s comment? “The DEC will monitor.” No word at all from pipeline builder Spectra.
Amy McGorry of News 12 reports here.