An unplanned shut down is one of the worst things that can happen to a reactor.  It is one of the few things the NRC takes seriously and what led to a red finding for Indian Point 2 some time back.
It takes a week to start back up, after it is determined what triggered the shut down.  It is a lot of money lost.  The company is not going to make expensive repairs.  There is only one refueling left…
Will this reactor make it to its official shutdown date?  Time will tell.

Unit 3 shut down after a generator failed on the non-nuclear side of the power plant.

One of Indian Point’s two nuclear reactors automatically shut down early Friday when a generator failed, prompting an inquiry by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

This is the second time in four months that Indian Point’s Unit 3 shut down after an issue with a generator on the non-nuclear side of the pressurized water reactor.

A spokesman for Indian Point’s owner, Entergy, said no radiation was released during the shutdown. “Engineers are investigating to more fully understand the cause of the shutdown before the unit is returned to service,” spokesman Jerry Nappi said.

In both shutdowns, a component in the electrical generator system failed.

Indian Point’s second reactor, Unit 2, was functioning at 100 percent of its capacity.

NRC’s resident inspector for Indian Point visited the plant shortly after being notified of the shutdown, NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said.

“He traveled to the control room, where he observed shutdown activities and independently verified plant safety conditions,” Sheehan said. “No immediate safety concerns were identified.”

The NRC will continue monitoring repairs and plans to restart the unit. It took six days to restore power following the November shutdown.

Nappi said officials will try to determine whether there are any common issues between the two shutdowns.

During a test of Indian Point’s emergency warning system Wednesday, two of 172 sirens – one in Putnam County, the other in Rockland County — failed to sound. Both sirens have since been repaired.

Entergy has plans to shut down Indian Point by 2021.