Technicians are trying to determine why two emergency sirens failed to sound.

The owners of Indian Point are trying to find out why two of the nuclear power plant’s emergency sirens — one in Rockland County, the other in Putnam — failed to sound during a Wednesday test.

Indian Point’s owner, Entergy, said technicians are trying to determine why two of the power plant’s 172 sirens failed during the first of four tests of the plant’s emergency notification system scheduled for 2018.


On Wednesday, between 10:30 and 11 a.m., sirens sounded at full volume for four minutes at locations in Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Putnam counties.

They’re designed to alert nearby communities in the case of an actual emergency.

Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi said that if there was a real emergency and the sirens failed, residents would be notified through a backup system called CodeRed, which is operated by the counties.

“In the unlikely event of an emergency that required the sounding of sirens followed by a siren failure, the county would then utilize CodeRed calls to the people who live and work in the area around that siren,” Nappi said.

Entergy announced last year that it plans to shut down Indian Point by 2021.