Topics for a Decommissioning Discussion

If you can answer these questions you are a decommissioning expert.  Congratulations!  If you can only answer 50% or less – you have some homework to do.  The sources listed at the bottom of this page will get you started…

  1. Will Indian Point actually close in 2020 and 2021?
  2. Why is Indian Point closing?
  3. Don’t we need to replace the electricity generated at Indian Point?
  4. How much high level radioactive waste is stored there and when will it be moved off site?
  5. Who is in charge of decommissioning?
  6. How long will it take to decommission Indian Point?
  7. How many workers does decommissioning require?
  8. Who pays for decommissioning?
  9. What happens if the money put aside for decommissioning is not enough?
  10. Are there ways to make decommissioning safer?
  11. What is Hardened On-Site Storage?
  12. How is Rolling Stewardship different from what we have now?
  13. Why do we need a Citizens Oversight Board?

Find answers to the questions and other information at: , ,

  • The Joint Hearing of NY Assembly & Senate on closing Indian Point: This is a long but very important video. Some of the most knowledgeable people in the field of energy in New York testify about closing Indian Point in this video. It debunks the myth that replacement power for Indian Point is needed.
  • See also a video tape of forum organized by Manna Jo Green of Clearwater and others at
  • Visit The Environment TVhttps://theenvironmenttv.comand search for Indian Point videos of forums and discussions on a wide range of topics related to Indian Point.