The reactors at Indian Point are not closed yet and continue to present danger to the community. Perhaps more.  The expert prediction is for more problems at the start and the end of a reactor’s life span.  Repairs are expensive so is refueling how will Entergy, owners of the reactors respond.

The question that comes up most frequently:  How will we get the power to replace Indian Point?

Indian Point has already been replaced, that’s why it is going out of business.  A bit about  how the electricity market works and how it closed Indian Point.  Meet the New York Independent System Operator – planners and policemen to our grid.

A bit about the replacement process that started in 2012 and what is on line now.

The second most popular question:  when can we reuse the site?

Community and New York State Task Forces: their chief concerns; property taxes, school district and workforce issues.

Popular feelings about irradiated fuel rods – the highest level of highly radioactive waste – make them go away!

Who’s in Charge Here???  The Nuclear Regulatory, Department of Environmental Conservation, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Defense.  A bit about the regs.

There is no good solution to high level nuclear waste.  So what do we do with it?

The best possible answer:  Hardened On Site Storage, Rolling Stewardship and a legislated Citizens Oversight Board.

It is the position of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition that highly level radioactive waste must remain on site.  Transportation is too dangerous and it is immoral to contaminate another community with our waste.  It is our responsibility to maintain it isolated from people and the environment.  Fossil fuel and uranium must be left in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.  Renewables are variable but predictable.  We must move toward conservation, efficiency, demand response, solar power, wind and other sources of green energy to power our grid. Join us in this effort for the benefit of our community and our world!

Visit our website at  Also visit the websites of our partners Clearwater and Riverkeeper for more information.  See The Environment TV website for video forums and interviews concerning Indian Point.